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Guy Nielson Company has supplied and installed a wide range of high temperature insulation.  Our range of insulation includes Ceramic Modules, Ceramic Blanket, Ceramic Bulk Wool, Pumpable and Moldable Ceramic Fiber, as well as Board and Paper Insulation.

Guy Nielson Company also has the specialized equipment necessary to install unique insulation linings.  We have fluid pumps necessary to stop hot spots in your operation without the need for unnecessary operation interruptions. 

Guy Nielson Company can also supply and install a wide range of Insulating Castables and Gunite Materials for your industrial applications.

Regardless of your application, we have the experience and ability to assist your application.

 Insulation-2--Guy-Nielson-Refractory-Contractors-Refinery-Repair-AK-AZ-CO-ID-MT-ND-NE-NM-OR-SD-WA-WY-v2.jpg       Insulation-3--Guy-Nielson-Refractory-Contractors-Refinery-Repair-AK-AZ-CO-ID-MT-ND-NE-NM-OR-SD-WA-WY-V2.jpg       Insulation-1--Guy-Nielson-Refractory-Contractors-Refinery-Repair-AK-AZ-CO-ID-MT-ND-NE-NM-OR-SD-WA-WY.jpg