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    About Us

    Learn more about our company, mission, and values. Discover how we strive to provide the best services and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Guy Nielson Co. began in 1935, and over the last 80 years, we have worked hard to become nationally recognized refractory contractors.

    Founded by Guy M. Nielson in 1935 in Pocatello, Idaho, and over the last 80 years, our work has not gone unnoticed. We are now nationally recognized refractory and industrial  contractor, and we are continuing to grow.

    As the industry leader in our area, we have completed projects for several major clients, including Monsanto, J. R. Simplot, FMC, and sugar and potato processing plants.

     We began doing refractory and boiler tube ceramic coating work. As refractory specialists, we began to expand the services we offered, which allowed us to work with clients across the country.

    Power Plants and Paper Mills have depended on Guy Nielson to protect equipment and infra- structure as well as improve operations through increased efficiency and availability. Guy Nielson’s array of services and rapid nationwide response provides Power Generation and Paper Mills with a single source, turn-key solution provider that specializes in working in critical path power generation environments.

    Our commitment to safety, quality and fast turnaround minimizes outage downtime and delivers consistent results. Our outage services include a combination of inspection, refractory, repair, cleaning, abrasive blasting and boiler tube coating services utilizing high performance coatings and linings.


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    Industries We Serve

    The highly trained team at Guy Nielson Co. specializes in providing industry-related technical services to various companies across the country.

  • Services

    The services we offer are very diverse. To see what they are, click the link below:

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    Safety is Important to Us

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