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Guy Nielson Co. | About Us | Refractory Contractors


We were founded by Guy M. Nielson in 1935 in Pocatello, Idaho, and over the last 80 years, our work has not gone unnoticed. We are now nationally recognized refractory contractors, and we are continuing to grow.

In 1935, we began as structural masonry installers completing commercial, institutional, and residential projects. As the industry leader in the area, we completed projects for several major clients, including Monsanto, J. R. Simplot, FMC, and the sugar and potato processing plants in the area.

In 1982, the Guy Nielson Co. Industrial Division was created, and we began doing refractory work. As refractory specialists, we began to expand the services we offered, which allowed us to work with clients across the country.

In 1992, we opened up our pre-cast shop, which allowed us to create custom pre-fired refractory shapes. This is necessary when a client has a pre-existing fixture that needs refractory work done. 

In addition to internal expansions, Guy Nielson Co. has acquired other companies in order to expand their areas of service. In 2004, we purchased Hilton Fire Brick with offices in St. Paul, Minnesota and Billings, Montana, and in 2015, we purchased Refractory Specialties Inc. With these acquisitions, we were able to increase our workforce to better serve our clients.

In addition to acquiring other companies, we have opened additional offices in Mt. Vernon, Washington and Portland, Oregon. 

Since our inception in 1935, we have steadily grown into one of the most reliable refractory contractors in the country, and as we continue to expand, we hope we can help you along the way!



1935: Guy Nielson Co. is created

1982: Begins doing refractory work

1992: Opens its Pre-Cast Shop

2004: Purchased Hilton Firebrick

2014: Opened an office in Mt. Vernon, Washington

2015: Opened an office in Portland, Oregon

2015: Purchased Refractory Services Inc.