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"Guy Nielson Company has consistently provided service above and beyond expectation.  Whether it is an emergency outage or planned outage, Guy Nielson Company always arrives with a can-do attitude.  One thing that separates Guy Nielson Company from other companies is their safety first culture.  Our experience is safety is an important part of their overall culture.

"If you need a refractory contractor to assist with problem solving and assisting with long and short term maintenance improvement, call Guy Nielson Company."



"We used other refractory contractors in the past.  Based upon our past experience, we can offer our reference for Guy Nielson Company.  One of the best assets of Guy Nielson Company is their people.  Each year the majority of the same people from Guy Nielson arrive to our plant.  These people believe in safety first and are very quality minded.  Finally, they work closely with us to provide us with timely project cost updates.  Use Guy Nielson Company, your company like ours will not be disappointed."



"Our company was having issues with a problematic area in our process.  Guy Nielson employees not only embraced the problem, but also researched and found a long-term solution with our issue.  How many contractors do you know that will assist you with your process issues?  Guy Nielson will do this and more.  Our company highly recommends Guy Nielson Company."



"We needed a contractor to assist us with long term fireproofing installation at a fair price.  Guy Nielson Company offers a quality installation along with a safety mindset that exceeds expectations.  Guy Nielson employees are the first to let you know if work being specified is not required which has been a huge cost savings to us.  It is great to have a contractor that is looking out for what is best for their customer above their own interests."



"My experience with Guy Nielson Company has been nothing short of excellent.  I’ve worked with them on a variety of projects and you have proven to exceed my expectations in every way.  From the office personnel to the men in the field, there is a genuine relationship that is a pleasure to be part of. I appreciate the open communication which always results in a great finished project."